IFM is a Sweden based music blog written by people with inexhaustible enthusiasm and a huge heart. We devote our unpaid free time to write about our biggest passion in life; music.There is no money or (almost) any personal exposure involved, we do it out of our sincere commitment to music as an art form. .

Thanks for reading.

Stefan Ferencz

Founder & Editor of IFM


About the authors


Stefan is 30 + years old, Sweden based and have strong opinionated views of everything music related. A few years back, he started I Found Music to express his love for music in writing, instead of boring his friends and family by talking. When he is not writing for IFM, he is a marketing/sales manager with a degree in finance. He also likes food, beer and photography. Catch him on twitter or Instagram.


Brian is the author of Dozens of Donuts, a blog primarily focused on Hip Hop occasionally dabbling in Indie & Electronic post-2000 music, dedicated to bringing viewer reliable information, excellent content and reviews that leave no stone unturned. Brian’s venture has always been to bring quality writing and analysis to the musical medium, as the entertainment form itself has been pivotal in leading his life, dissecting it in writing is the least he can do to give back. Catch him on twitter or Facebook.


Get in touch

We’re always looking for improvement and new ways of reaching out to whatever small but loyal audience this blog has. We’re on a constant look-out for interesting articles about anything music related (e.g. reviews, reflections about the current state of the music industry, some forgotten classic band and/or album, or basically any subject as long as it’s passionately written). If you want to write a piece for us, get in contact or submit directly via the email below. Tag subject with “contribution”.

If you’re an artist/band and would like to submit your music, we appreciate if you only use the email address found below. All other ways of sharing will be disregarded due to time restrains.

Mail:  ifoundmusic.com@gmail.com

Twitter: @ifmdotcom


6 thoughts on “ABOUT IFM

  1. Thank you so much for placing Feel Good Lost on your list of friendly places! Your blog is outstanding and a great place for music lovers! Glad I get to keep up with your tunes and tastes : )

  2. Hi! It’s Lauren from The Grey Estates. Love your blog guys and love that you don’t do reviews either. Gotta write about what we love! 🙂

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