Video: Dan Deacon – Feel The Lightning

There’s few artists of the 21st century able to make as fun music as Dan Deacon. The Baltimore native has been churning out memorably catchy electronic pieces for the past decade, and his latest work, the first single off his newest album Gliss Riffer, set to release in February, is no different. One of the most acclaimed electronic artists behind the boards, the technical abilities of Deacon aren’t anything short of amazing. His In The Studio Mini-Doc for Pitchfork is a must watch, a look at the crazed mind of a man obsessed with the technicalities of the mechanical music medium. Fans salivating for more of Deacon’s light-hearted, insanely likable melodies are in for a treat with ‘Feel The Lightning.’

Much like many of the best songs off 2009’s Bromst, Deacon’s own voice, distorted to near-indistinguishable levels, shines as a beacon to alluring listeners intent on numbing their minds and easing their stress. His latest work, 2012’s America, was an epic orchestration of a journey through America using music, but was largely devoid of vocal accompaniment. ‘Feel The Lightning’ reeks of tracks like ‘Build Voice’ off the former, and ‘True Thrush’ off the latter. If Deacon can somehow meld these two works Gliss Riffer may be an album to remember for quite some time. If one’s still doubting Deacon’s cooky, yet masterful work of electronic instrumentation, look no further than the ‘female voice’ in the track, which is his own, manipulated to transcend genders.


Death Grips – Inanimate Sensation

The allure of Death Grips stems from the fact that their music, especially new songs immediately upon release, sound like nothing released before, and yet they’re all hidden under a veil of similar pretenses. Their first single off Jenny Death, the 2nd half of their final album The Powers That Be, is a wild ride filled with a constant uneasiness that would make “Birds” seem trivial. As a revving engine of rising vocal distortions kick off “Inanimate Sensation”, classic, yet oddly simple, Zach Hill drums take over, highly reminiscent of The Money Store, the band’s most accessible album. But just as one begins to feel comfortable the bass and beat drop out, a commonality by song’s end. See, what the track accomplishes best is the fluid distinction between Ride’s tension-building lyrics and cadences, and the classic Death Grips flair for catchiness. It’s either been one or the other, but here they mold them together.

There’s times when MC Ride is hollering like his chaotic self, with lyrics entirely indistinguishable, while there’s other moments of the rapper whispering, eerily, unnerved, before a secondary verse sees his voice malfunctioning, gravely, and demon-ish. These moments of hectic pandemonium are circumvented by intersecting instrumental interludes that creek, blast, stutter, and gravitate towards anonymity, unrecognizable to anything surrounding them. ‘Inanimate Sensation’ plays this twisted game of never staying stagnant, never knowing what’s to come next, with lyrics that, upon looking them up, seem as dense as the most hard-to-understand messages found on their previous efforts.


Milwaukee Banks x Rat & Co – Monitor

A while back we featured Milwaukee Banks’ hazy “Pluto Bounce”, and here is new cut “Monitor” featuring ambient / IDM trio Rat & Co. The Australian hip hop duo is definitely on to something; blending bounce-y, pulsating bleeps and vintage-sounding synth lines with trippy vocals and spaced-out verses seems to be a working formula. “Monitor” is set to be featured on a double A-side along with “Van Gogh” featuring Andrei Eremin that you’ll find embedded below.



Video: Hey Elbow – Martin

You may or may not remember that we featured Stockholm band Hey Elbow’s great second single ”Martin” a few weeks back; a track that continues to grow on me with every new spin. The duo is prepping their debut album for Adrian Recordings, set for an early 2015 release. In the meantime, you can watch the chaotic and colorful music video glazed in a very distinctive 90’s vibe above.


Video: Total Control – Flesh War

In June, Australian “super punk group” released their undervalued and mostly great sophomore album Typical System with “Flesh War” as lead single. As mentioned, “Flesh War” added another new flavor to the bands restless style-hopping; resulting in one of the most warm, melodic and flat out brilliant punk-pop tracks of the year. Or to be correct, it’s sounded more like romantic new-wave – a warm distillation of early Human League or Echo and the Bunnymen – as opposed to the harsh wintry intensity of 2011’s Henge Beat. Now there is a music video that you can watch above.


Video: Amen Dunes – Lonely Richard

Earlier this year, lo-fi Brooklyn musician Damon McMahon released his latest album Love under the Amen Dunes moniker, featuring impressive names like Colin Stetson, Iceage’s Elias Bender-Rønnenfelt and Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s Dave Bryant and Efrim Menuch. The motoric, looping rhythms and guitar chords of “Lonely Richard” evoked some distant comparisons to The Velvet Underground and served perhaps as Love’s most rewarding moment alongside the title track. Above is the recently released Kenneth Zoran Curwood directed video for the “Lonely Richard” shot on 16mm film and showing nicely edited, grainy footage of the various boroughs of NY.


Video: Angel Olsen – Windows

As mentioned, Angel Olsen is releasing a deluxe version of her stunning Burn Your Fire For No Witness today featuring five previously unheard songs, all of them worth giving a few spins. To mark the occasion, she also premiered the video for “Windows” – the gorgeous closing track on the original release. In the video, Olsen is getting her face painted in an old house by two children before suddenly appearing clothed in full Elizabethan costume.

You can read our review of Burn Your Fire Fore No Witness here.


Video: Deerhoof – Exit Only

On some level, I think La Isla Bonita, Deerhoof’s latest and 13th album is their most accessible; an ambitious balance between harmony and dissonance, housing at least two or three tracks that I rank among their very best. “Exit Only” is definitely one of them. Today the band premiered the absurd but entertaining video for the track featuring actor Michael Shannon playing dual characters, basically torturing himself.


Video: Tim Woulfe – Abide (Troughout)

A while back we featured Tim Woulfe’s ”Presence” from a three track EP with same title. Yesterday, Stereogum premiered the visuals for the beautiful ambient closing track “Abide (Troughout)” that you can watch above. Like Woulfe’s music, the visuals have a strong sense of longing – tearing holes in collective memories with a vibe vaguely familiar and at once distant. Presence is out now via Woulfe’s label Apollonian Sound, order your copy here.