Best from the inbox: Week 45-46

On ”best from the inbox” we gather a couple of standout tracks submitted to us via email directly from the artist/band or a small imprint. Please give them a chance to break through the waves by listening, sharing your opinion and if you like what you here, by showing your support here or directly to the artists.

John Moose – Flower

John Moose is a band with its roots in the woods of Värmland, Sweden. During the last couple of years we have been writing, recording and producing songs for our upcoming debut album. It has resulted in a conceptual album that emphasizes the human ambivalence between nature and civilisation.

The name of the band comes from the fictional leading character that plays the part of the storyteller in our music. The lyrics are describing John’s fate in this tug-of-war where he decides to leave civilisation for absolute isolation.

Flower is a love story between man and nature. It is also a story about man’s search for belonging and what he is willing to surrender in order to pursue it. The song is written, recorded and produced by John Moose. The video is made in cooperation with Roya Sarvestani and Peter Olofsson.”

Zae – Tweakin with Haydes (ft. Dominus & Masta Scheme

Zae is part of a collective calling themselves Houston Intellectuals. On his new EP 72 Hours we’re introduced to fun, shape-shifting hip hop with creative beats provided by Dollar Dom. I’ve chosen the bleak closing track “Tweakin with Haydes”, but the whole thing is worth a spin.

Irregular Expression – the void

Irregular Expression recently uploaded a track called “the void”, an experimental hip hop instrumental with a nice ambient feel. He is currently working with Italdred Records as a roster artist and an album is in the works.

I, Us, We – Sunday

California band I, Us, We recently released their lush debut EP titled Mono. “Sunday” is a definite stand-out; beautiful R&B pop with dreamy, spacious textures.

Talking Under Water – Tossing & Turning

Rochester band Talking Under Water will release their debut EP on December 2. Above is the title track that the band describes as “an ominous, bluesy number about an awkward love-triangle situation–being with a person but wanting a different person and having the person you’re with be totally cool with your pursuing person B…it’s complicated.”