This week’s best from the inbox

Whealthy Ghost – “Smoke Machine”

Pete Kostrivas, the sole man behind Wealthy Ghost, released a sparse, often naked debut album last year titled Good Luck. Influenced by artists who can do more with less, the record revealed a deeply personal, bare-boned songwriter that immediately struck a chord with me. A new EP Cold Hands is due out October 21, and “Smoke Machine” is its very strong first taste.

Cull – “Magi Fuel”

Cull, a Sydney four-piece helmed by Chumpy Cull, are easiest described as an experimental psych-rock band with the ability to bleed and weep the guitar into unorthodox structures and strange tempo changes. “World Inside Your Head” proved this point by first sounding like a fairly straightforward shoegaze/slowcore song (albeit earwormy and extrovert), before mutating into an overwhelming psychedelic instrumental of euphoric riffs and noisy synth pads.

The band now follows their Bà nôi EP with “Magi Fuel”; a track even clearer in vision.

Chumby wrote me the following;

“Magi Fuel” came about after I spent a couple of months secluded in my bedroom studio, which is built under my Ikea loft bed (as seen in the artwork, which I also put together). The song basically attempts to take you through the process of an idea being formed under the loft bed, and then eventually making it’s way out of it.”

tinmouth – “Prevent Defense”

Aaron from newly formed Philadelphia band tinmouth had the following to say about their first single “Prevent Defense”;

“Last April we finished our EP One More Revelation. We immediately began writing new music for the record, and “Prevent Defense” was the first song we started, if I recall correctly. I think it started as a much faster and more abrasive version of what it is, and we struggled with figuring out something interesting to do for a bridge. I don’t think any song on the record gave me more personal frustration, as I always felt it bordered on pop-punk (a label we try to avoid). After about 6 months of going and coming back to it, we nailed that half time, soul-influenced bridge and slowed down the song overall, and that’s how it ended up where it is today.”

tinmouth are gearing up to release their debut album, Says, recorded with Jeff Zeigler (Kurt Vile, War on Drugs).

Wealthy Ghost – Still Alive


There’s a lot of good reasons to write a music blog, but none of them are better than being able to promote a lesser known artist that you have taking a liking for. We were initially introduced to the Milwaukee musician Pete Kostrivas through the carnivalish folk of “Excuse Please”, a song that had enough potential to make us fascinated by his Wealthy Ghost moniker. His range spans through a wide set of different folky rock aesthetics from the beautiful sparse ballads of “Good Luck” and “You Pick Me Up” to the catchy folk-funk of “Still Alive” – our favorite out of the bunch. “Still Alive” was written and recorded during a time of illness, where Kostrivas convinced himself he was dying, which might explain the raspy voice that gives the track a most welcomed bluesy presence.

Wealthy Ghost is in the in midst of releasing his first proper solo record after playing with different bands and projects over the last ten or so years. Influenced by artist who can do more with less, the album titled Good Luck was written, recorded, destroyed, rerecorded, organized and mixed over the past year, while Kostrivas was struggling with relationship issues. Kostrivas is committed to release the record on vinyl rather than digitally, so if you enjoy his work and would like it pressed on the medium where it rightfully belongs, get over to Kickstarter and help make it happen.