Twerps – I Don’t Mind

Twerps always knew how to write a catchy tune; just listen to one of the best guitar-pop tunes of 2012 in “Work It Out”, but on their newest single “I Don’t Mind” the Melbourne quartet seems to have evolved past initial comparisons to Real Estate, or any number of jangly pop bands from the early days of this decade. “I Don’t Mind” is still very much based around rolling melodies and simple guitar licks, but it’s also more nuanced and fully formed, easily detected in the interplay and tone of each instrument, as well as in the subtle, idiosyncratic shifts between Marty Frawley’s dragging lethargic verses and the wonderful chorus sung by Julia Macfarlane. As already mentioned, the band recently signed to Merge Records and will be releasing a new LP titled Range Anxiety in the end of January.