Wye Oak – Glory


Early records from Wye Oak mined sullen textures blanketed by guitars and more “traditionally” layered instruments, hence their slicker and synthier sound on “The Tower” took me somewhat aback. But it also made me inclined towards the band in ways I haven’t before. Shelving guitars for synthesizers seems to be the scheme for many bands these days, still as opposed to countless others, this venture from the Baltimore duo feels – so far – unusually successful. As already could be felt during the early stages of their career, writing songs with a strong sense of melody seemed to come invariably easy for Wye Oak. But on “The Tower” and likewise on newest offering “Glory”, this trait is magnified and expressed with substantially more sanguine arrangements. In all fairness, “Glory” might not be as commencing as “The Tower”, but it’s the most melodiously outspoken music they’ve carved out this far.

Wye Oak’s new album Shriek is out April 28 via City Slang in UK/Europe and the day after in the US via Merge Records.


Wye Oak – The Tower


With a few exceptions, every successive release from Baltimore’s Wye Oak has sounded more polished than the one that came before. The duo’s latest, 2011’s Civilian, was hitherto their finest set of songs; perfectly balanced, neither to fuzzy nor to clean. Even so, their new single, “The Tower” is a strong departure from their former selves. Heavy on the synths and a bounce akin to “The Logical Song”, “The Tower” carries truckloads of warmth and pleasant harmonies. According to Jenn Wasner, one half of the duothere won’t be a single guitar lick on their upcoming record. Going by “The Tower” it might not be as a bad move as it sounds. The more I listen to this the more it makes sense. This is eye-catching stuff that I see myself listening to all year long.

Wye Oak’s new album Shriek is out April 28 via City Slang in UK/Europe and the day after in the US via Merge Records.