Of Montreal – Empyrean Abattoir

In retrospect, Of Montreal ‘s 12th and previous album, 2012’s lousy with sylvianbriar, is my favorite album in recent years from Kevin Barnes prolific and capricious band, and the two tracks so far premiered of their upcoming album Aureate Gloom doesn’t make me doubt that Barnes and his quartet are on a psychedelic hot-streak at the moment; comfortably channeling the spirit and legacy of San Francisco, the city he decamped to before recording the previous album. “Bassem Sabry”, a track we featured a while back, was a bracing retreat to psych-funk, and new track “Empyrean Abattoir” is Barnes doing his best Syd Barrett impression. Of Montreal is a revitalized band nowadays, and it’s due time to pay attention to their music again. Look for Aureate Gloom on March 3 via Polyvinyl.


Of Montreal – Bassem Sabry

Kevin Barnes’ Of Montreal reemerged with newfound vitality on last year’s lousy with sylvianbriar, once again making me pay closer attention to the very prolific and ever-changing  outfit. New single “Bassem Sabry”, named after the Egyptian activist and journalist, is the opening track of upcoming album Aureate Gloom, and is Of Montreal’s version of psychedelic funk; sexy and a bit starry-eyed, but it works, and Barnes can check the box of yet another well-made and focused venture. Look for Aureate Gloom on March 3 next year via Polyvinyl.


Deerhoof – Last Fad

No matter what you think of Deerhoof, you can’t blame them for being lackluster or clichéd. Personally, I have my issues with their often unfocused full-lengths and semi-bizarre structural choices, but almost every release presents itself with at least one or two mindlessly addictive creations. However, all three tracks so far premiered off the San Franscisco quartet’s upcoming 13th album La Isla Bonita are surprisingly uniform and straightforward (for being Deerhoof). Latest cut “Last Fad” is built around smart, grooving riffs that are juxtaposed by Satomi Matsuzaki’s candy-sweet vocals. “Last Fad” is by all means strong in detail and shift unpredictably between different structures, and also one of my favorite Deerhoof tracks in recent memory.

La Isla Bonita is out November 4 via Polyvinyl.