Best from the inbox: Week 39-41 2014

On ”best from the inbox” we gather a couple of standout tracks submitted to us via email directly from the artist/band or a small imprint. Please give them a chance to break through the waves by listening, sharing your opinion and if you like what you here, by showing your support here or directly to the artists.  

Daisy Victoria – Nobody Dies

Daisy Victoria follows her promising debut EP Heart Full Of Beef with a new track titled “Nobody Dies”. On here, krautrock sounds (think Neu!’s “Isi”) clash with Daisy Victoria’s PJ Harvey-esque serenades. Watch for her new EP on November 3.

Olsson – Dimma

“Olsson is a package holiday to your inner self, to loneliness, to your childhood, through your parent’s home, into your future, beyond love and over the mountains, through the sun.”

Cherax Destructor – kinship (from intangible sparks)

Cherax Destructor is a bedroom producer from Sydney creating music inspired by a recent Keroucian voyage across North America. The music is lush and glitchy and you can watch the accompanying video clips documenting the experience here.

Laeter – In Spite Of Everything

“When we move forward in our thinking and evolve as a human being, we change. This is a look into my experiences of 2014 and how I’ve tried to deal with how I’m feeling.”