A$AP Rocky – PMW (All I Really Need)


New York’s new superstar rapper finally got around to release his major label debut. Alongside last year’s three excellent singles, he T-Minus-produced “PMW (All I Really Need) stands as one of the true high-points on the albumd.  It feels like a darker, more twisted version of “Swimming Pool (Drank)” (Same producer). It has all the components that makes A$AP that edgy street-smart, commercially successful rap star. Stream it via Spotify beneath.

And here’s the video for the  previously released “Long Live A$AP”:

Most Anticipated Albums of 2013

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A$AP Rocky – Long Live A$AP


 A couple of weeks left before A$AP Rocky’s major label debut, perhaps first out of 2013’s greatly anticipated records. The album contains an impressive list of collaborators and producers, however the record has already been pushed back a couple of times and there’s no guaranties for it to be out on the set date. The album opener  “Long live A$APkicks off with a 30 seconds bit of Tim Hecker-ish beat-less noise, before a deep bass line kicks in with drums and synths somewhat recalling Mezzanine-era trip hop. The track sees A$AP in his darkest mood yet, but it’s well balanced with a soothing vocal chorus. This track is the best proof yet of why A$AP is at the moment regarded as one of hip hop’s true visionaries.

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