introducing new segment: ABSOLUTE SWEDISH

This might be a Sweden based music blog but we haven’t always been the best advocates of the Swedish music scene (there are however a couple of blogs that do it quite nicely; Meadow Music, Ge Hit Musiken).

Time for a change.

In this new recurring segment, the aim is to highlight noteworthy new music from Swedish bands/artists from a variety of genres that merits attention and recognition.   

O U F – Crisis (ft. Chris Haxa)

Our Underground Firm – or simple O U F – recently dropped their debut “Crisis” – a menacing hip hop / trap track loaded with alarms ringing off, deep pounding beats, pitch-shifting vocals and an overall dark, industrial feel that makes a good case for the grit of the nation’s hip hop scene.  For reference, put “Crisis” somewhere between Death Grips and ASAP Rocky.

Last Lynx – Brother

Stockholm band Last Lynx recently released their catchiest and most ecstatic track yet titled “Brother”. This is fun-loving, typical Swedish radio-friendly pop with massive hooks and a huge heart. Watch for their new EP Rifts to be released later this week.

Saint – For Life (ft. Rebstar)

On “For Life” Malmö rapper Saint and fellow Today Is: Vintage artist Rebstar comes through with a grinding, sonically twisted cut held together by a blissful hook that feels right at home on the dance floor. Check out more from the label here.

Hey Elbow – Martin

Former Malmö label Adrian Recordings (Alice Boman, This Is Head, Familjen and countless others) recently relocated to Stockholm and signed a new artist Hey Below; a band that sits well with the labels tradition of succesfully connecting pop sentiment with artistic vision. The duo’s second single “Martin” is a chaotic, percussion-packed track that explains band members Julia Ringdahl’s and Ellen Patterson’s background in jazz. Also, don’t miss Hey Elbow’s beautiful former single “Blanca”.