Karl X Johan – Get It All


The Swedish duo Karl X Johan releases about one single a year. It’s clear that hip hop producer Kalle J and vocalist Johan Thuvesson are all about quality, not quantity. Every single has been carefully crafted; mixing R&B infused production with melodic harmonies. Both their two previous singles “Fantasies” and “Flames” got some attention in Sweden, the latter one winning a Grammy for best video of the year.

“Get It All” is the latest addition to their discography, continuing their journey of producing dreamy pop music with fully orchestrated synthesizers and lush vocal melodies. Just like fellow Swede Jonathan Johansson, the duo understands the importance of finding the perfect balance between nostalgic and contemporary aesthetics, not dwelling too much in their influences like some artist tend to do. Compared to Jonathan Johansson, Karl X Johan is a bit underrated in their native country but apparently found their way into the international blogosphere. A full length release will hopefully see the light of day.