In terms of cheekiness and resourcefulness, The Tough Alliance always seems to have shared a common ground with Animal Collective. Standing alone, Erik Beglund’s moniker ceo, is not unlike a less-folk-more-pop version of Panda Bear fused with the brashness of John Lydon. But where Panda Bear and his fellow collective rather sits around a campfire, the music of Berglund is a full-out beach party. While listening to “WHOREHOUSE” it strikes me just how little that has changed in Berglund’s idiosyncratic universe. The melody  is pure joy, and the “I don’t give a flying fuck” attitude that always played a huge part of his aesthetics, is just as present as ever. Maybe not as controversial as part of The Tough Alliance,  but on “WHOREHOUSE” Berglung lacks the same disregard for anything contemporary  or “trendy sounding”. Instead “WHOREHOUSE” is yet another tropical-flavored pop song with an irresistible chorus that fires at you with a relentless force of cheap sounding synth drones, disorienting squeals and Berglund’s cocksure harmonies.

Ceo’s sophomore album WONDERLAND is due out February 4 via Modular.