BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah – “Ray Gun” (Feat. DOOM)

The highly anticipated collaboration between Hip-Hop/Jazz crossover instrumentalists BadBadNotGood & street legend Ghostface Killah is soon to hit store shelves, giving us our first proper look at how rappers would sound on BBNG’s Hip-Hop-centric, but equally inventive production style. The album titled Sour Soul has already been given its due presence with three previous singles, but the fourth installment of the album’s rollout, “Ray Gun”, features one of rap’s most mysterious figures; DOOM.

The history of Ghostface Killah and MF DOOM has long been etched in stone, with their often-delayed DOOMSTARKS record sitting on the back-burner. But here, we’re shown their near full potential with the help of the nostalgic-doused live instrumentalists gearing away behind them. As per usual when these two come together, the superhero contained with GFK comes out in full force, declaring his excellency and rite of passage to the league of extraordinary. DOOM, as has been witnessed on Flying Lotus’ ‘Masquatch,’ has been doing his thing lately, revitalizing his often-lazy rapping flow for a flash-to-the-past of what once was. At the end of the day though it is still a BBNG record, and, possibly more than anyone showcased here, they show off their talents to the fullest, with a James Bond-esque finale that explosively enters, lingers with blaring horns and shady percussion, before dissipating in the dust. Sour Soul is scheduled for release February 24th.


Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOOD – Gunshowers (ft. Elzhi)

Instrumental jazz fusion trio BBND released their third album – aptly titled III – earlier this year. And although the result was somewhat unbalanced, tracks like “CS60”, “Can’t Leave the Night” and “Since You Asked Kindly” curved III towards being largely favorable. Less than half-a-year later, the trio announced a new album – this time a collaborative effort with hip hop-legend and Wu-Tang Clansman Ghostface Killah – and a new track “Gunshowers” to mark the occasion. The instrumental are slightly more traditional and funk rooted than what I would normally expect from BBND, but it works damn good underneath Ghostface’s and Elhzi’s lyrically dense – and intense – verses. Expect a whole album of this early next year when Sour Soul drops.