Video: Foxygen – Coulda Been My Love

Foxygen’s newly released …And Star Power might be messy, severely inconsistent and about ten tracks to long, but it has its moments of brilliance (mostly on the A-side). One was its undervalued first single “How Can You Really” and heard/seen above is “Coulda Been My Love”, another moment when all of Foxygen’s shameless retro pastiche is subdued to a backbone of strong songwriting and blissful harmonies.


Foxygen – Cosmic Vibrations

I believe We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic lacked the playfulness I’m hearing in Foxygen’s new material. Or at least, it seems like the duo’s knack for retro-rock pastiche is a bit more honest and vibrant this time around. Latest single, “Cosmic Vibrations” doesn’t carry the sweetness or the warmth of their former single “How Can You Really” (coincidently one of my favorite songs the past few weeks/months); you barely know what the heck is going on most of the time, but it is mostly clever and charming.

Foxygen has a new, 24 track and 82 minutes long album approaching. It’s titled …And Star Power, and arrives October 14 via Jagjaguwar.