Video: Deerhoof – Exit Only

On some level, I think La Isla Bonita, Deerhoof’s latest and 13th album is their most accessible; an ambitious balance between harmony and dissonance, housing at least two or three tracks that I rank among their very best. “Exit Only” is definitely one of them. Today the band premiered the absurd but entertaining video for the track featuring actor Michael Shannon playing dual characters, basically torturing himself.


Deerhoof – Last Fad

No matter what you think of Deerhoof, you can’t blame them for being lackluster or clichéd. Personally, I have my issues with their often unfocused full-lengths and semi-bizarre structural choices, but almost every release presents itself with at least one or two mindlessly addictive creations. However, all three tracks so far premiered off the San Franscisco quartet’s upcoming 13th album La Isla Bonita are surprisingly uniform and straightforward (for being Deerhoof). Latest cut “Last Fad” is built around smart, grooving riffs that are juxtaposed by Satomi Matsuzaki’s candy-sweet vocals. “Last Fad” is by all means strong in detail and shift unpredictably between different structures, and also one of my favorite Deerhoof tracks in recent memory.

La Isla Bonita is out November 4 via Polyvinyl.