Video: Dan Deacon – Feel The Lightning

There’s few artists of the 21st century able to make as fun music as Dan Deacon. The Baltimore native has been churning out memorably catchy electronic pieces for the past decade, and his latest work, the first single off his newest album Gliss Riffer, set to release in February, is no different. One of the most acclaimed electronic artists behind the boards, the technical abilities of Deacon aren’t anything short of amazing. His In The Studio Mini-Doc for Pitchfork is a must watch, a look at the crazed mind of a man obsessed with the technicalities of the mechanical music medium. Fans salivating for more of Deacon’s light-hearted, insanely likable melodies are in for a treat with ‘Feel The Lightning.’

Much like many of the best songs off 2009’s Bromst, Deacon’s own voice, distorted to near-indistinguishable levels, shines as a beacon to alluring listeners intent on numbing their minds and easing their stress. His latest work, 2012’s America, was an epic orchestration of a journey through America using music, but was largely devoid of vocal accompaniment. ‘Feel The Lightning’ reeks of tracks like ‘Build Voice’ off the former, and ‘True Thrush’ off the latter. If Deacon can somehow meld these two works Gliss Riffer may be an album to remember for quite some time. If one’s still doubting Deacon’s cooky, yet masterful work of electronic instrumentation, look no further than the ‘female voice’ in the track, which is his own, manipulated to transcend genders.