Video: Daisy Victoria – Nobody Dies

We’ve already featured Daisy Victoria’s ”Nobody Dies”, the lovely title track from her upcoming second EP. Now, you can watch the colorful, kaleiodscopic visual for the same track.

In only a short period of time, the always sweat and graceful Daisy Victoria took a leap from the “relentless rubber-burning” punk rush of “Heart Full of Beef” to show us a much softer and cordial side on “Nobody Dies”. I’ve already used Neu! and PJ Harvey as selling points, which I’m going to stick with here, but the biggest joys of listening to “Nobody Dies” is the revelation of her range, and that there is no telling where she might go next.


Best from the inbox: Week 39-41 2014

On ”best from the inbox” we gather a couple of standout tracks submitted to us via email directly from the artist/band or a small imprint. Please give them a chance to break through the waves by listening, sharing your opinion and if you like what you here, by showing your support here or directly to the artists.  

Daisy Victoria – Nobody Dies

Daisy Victoria follows her promising debut EP Heart Full Of Beef with a new track titled “Nobody Dies”. On here, krautrock sounds (think Neu!’s “Isi”) clash with Daisy Victoria’s PJ Harvey-esque serenades. Watch for her new EP on November 3.

Olsson – Dimma

“Olsson is a package holiday to your inner self, to loneliness, to your childhood, through your parent’s home, into your future, beyond love and over the mountains, through the sun.”

Cherax Destructor – kinship (from intangible sparks)

Cherax Destructor is a bedroom producer from Sydney creating music inspired by a recent Keroucian voyage across North America. The music is lush and glitchy and you can watch the accompanying video clips documenting the experience here.

Laeter – In Spite Of Everything

“When we move forward in our thinking and evolve as a human being, we change. This is a look into my experiences of 2014 and how I’ve tried to deal with how I’m feeling.”


Daisy Victoria – Heart Full of Beef


As the inbox fills up on a daily basis with countless new submissions, it’s strange how it’s the little things that determine whether a song gets heard or not. In this case, Daisy Victoria, formerly singer and songwriter of Maglia Rose Group, sent me this lovely email where the bio stated that she, amongst other things, enjoys photographs by Wolfgang Tillmans. Now, as an amateur photographer and believer in all things still and beautiful, that certainly raised my interest. As it turned out, “Heart Full of Beef”, her debut single under own name, is just as leathery and forceful as the works by the German photographer. Driven by animated drums and ample guitars, Victoria offers up a relentless rubber-burning rocker on her first try. There are elements of raw funk and garage-rock, before the track closes on a free-wheeling adrenaline rush of orderly chaos. Howver, it’s a bit unfortunate that her vocals are either buried far into the mix or capped in too much distortion, which more or less makes the lyrics imperceptible. Otherwise, “Heart Full of Beef” is a very accomplished and swinging debut that should be the beginning of a bright future.