Jay Rock – Pay For It (ft. Kendrick Lamar & Chantal)

Jay Rock has been mysteriously silent since his debut album Follow Me Home came out in 2011. Well, not absent in a literal sense, since his domination at guest-features on songs like ‘Black Lip Bastard’ and ‘Money Trees’ has solidified him as one of the best guest rappers in the game. Ever since TDE’s rise he’s relegated himself to this role, despite being one of the original members of the label. He’s finally back at it with ‘Pray For It,’ featuring Kendrick Lamar. As per typical, Rock and Lamar focus on their place in the game and in the streets. Lamar’s place in the middle of the song provide a nice switch-up to Rock’s one-dimensional flows. The chorus, sung beautifully by Chantal, elaborates nicely the words of Rock in simplier terms. The inclusion of light drums incorporating themselves during the chorus, and outro along with swaying violins, helps distinguish the atmosphere of gritty street life with shades of sadness thrown in. Jay Rock’s album, currently untitled, should be released by the end of the year.