Boat Club – Catch The Breeze [2007/2013]


retro_turntable_speckcase-p176835142239651308en7rr_216Boat Club unfortunately dissolved shortly after their only release, 2007’s outstanding Caught The Breeze, originally issued via Luxury. Even now 6 years down the lane, there are few acts that can match Boat Club’s sense of breezy, sunlit compositions. The escapist, Balearic pop from the Gothenburg duo never left my summertime playlists and it’s a great joy that Cascine is reissuing the EP on vinyl, re-mastered with new cover art.

Summer Heart – Milano


Boat Club, Air France, The Radio Dept, Studio, The Embassy, Korallreven, Postiljonen, El Perro Del Mar – the list is long of Swedish musician who make or made luminous sepia-filtered synth-pop with the ability to trigger or even enhance our loveliest memories. But at the moment no one does it better than Summer Heart.

Less than a month ago, we featured “Beat of Your Heart” that gradually earned its rightful place amongst our most beloved summer anthems of the year. And it seems as David Alexander, the prolific Swedish producer behind Summer Heart, is full of red-sky painted romanticism with wistful synthesizers and Balearic guitars. “Milano” pick up where “Beat of Your Heart” left off, a bit heavier on the synths and faster in pace, but just as much covered in an overload of sundrenched nostalgia.