Vision Fortune – Dry Mouth

New single ”Dry Mouth” from Vision Future starts off with hypnotic, repeated metallic synth sounds underneath foreboding, almost chant-y, vocals that somehow reminds me of a distant cousin to the apocalyptic and often unsettling sound of Silver Mt.Zion, or even Swans. But the real treat is the entirely instrumental second half that stalks my ears with a quietly lurking bass line accompanied by spine-chilling synths dropping in and out. “Dry Mouth” is exceptionally multifaceted for such a short track, and makes me hope for great things from the London three-piece when their second full-length, Country Music, comes out on February 9 via ATP Recordings.

Fuck Buttons – The Red Wing


While I never could connect with Fuck Buttons’ uncompromisingly belligerent soundscapes, their former two albums got its share of critical approval from the likes of Pitchfork, Drowned In Sound and NME. Back in 2009 when Tarot Sport was released, I was scratching my head thinking what in earth possessed Pitchfork to rate it a 9.0? Time hasn’t made me much wiser but “The Red Wing” might just be the track to get me inside their wall of noisy mayhem.

“The Red Wing” takes off immediately with big abrasive beats reminiscent of The Prodigy’s and The Chemical Brothers mid 90’s experiment with hip hop patterns. As it progresses, small shifts in texture occurs with layers upon layers of buzzing synth lines.  It’s their most intense and direct creation and a fitting introduction to those of us who had previous difficulties to absorb their hostile ambiance. Now, “The Red Wing” below is a three minute edit of the 8-minutes long album version, but it doesn’t take a way the fact that it’s arguably their finest craft, showing that they don’t need 10+ minute compositions to master high levels of sonical tension.

Fuck Buttons’ first album release in nearly 4 years is titled Slow Focus , out on June 22 via ATP Recordings. The tracklist can be found below.

Slow Focus Tracklist

1 Brainfreeze
2 Year of the Dog
3 The Red Wing
4 Sentients
5 Prince’s Prize
6 Stalker
7 Hidden XS