Best from the inbox

Premiere: Tim Woulfe – “Presence”

You may or may not remember Tim Woulfe’s 12” noteworthy split with Matt Kivel for his Apollonian imprint. If not, listen/read here. Woulfe has a new EP titled Presence coming out on September 23 digitally and on October 14 on Cassette. $1 from each cassette sale will be donated to the National Coalition for the Homeless. Listen to the title track below.

Astronauts, etc. – “Gravity”

Newest single from Astronauts, etc., entitled “Gravity” of upcoming Sadie EP, due out Sept. 9 on Hit City U.S.A.

Anthony from Astronauts, etc wrote me that “Gravity” “sets up as a straightforward piano pop tune before diving underwater in the chorus. The juxtaposition of traditional composition with more of a psych-pop backdrop is a reflection of the two contradictory moods that are being set against each other: the weight that accompanies betrayal, and the weightlessness that accompanies times of great change”. Enjoy!

Blue Plutos – Shadow Chateau

Blue Plutos wrote me that;

“This record (Dennett St.) is a testament of sorts to the band’s prior homebase of Portsmouth, NH. In the vein of “Greetings from Asbury Park” “Dennett St.” is the sound of the streets, the bars, the ocean and the ghosts of its birthplace; albeit in a smaller and stranger town. Think “Hotel California” meets “Twin Peaks”. It was vacationland. It was the confluence of unabated leisure and New England introversion. It was home for a while, and it needed to be documented.”

Listen to the entire Dennett St. EP on bandcamp.

Astronauts, Etc. – Coldboy


Synth-based music with catchy melodies, is something we gladly feauture on IFM. It could be a fluke, but chances are that my childhood obsession with collecting New Order records probably has something to do with it. Either way, let me welcome “Cold Boy”, the latest addition to our display. With every release, the oddly named one-man-project of Anthony Ferraro keeps improving on his emotionally charged electro-pop. He’s a master of creating the most celestial and lavish synth-line that fits perfectly with his gentle falsetto. “Cold By” is his most infectious and danceable yet, with a funky disco bass-line lending a bit from MGMT’s “Electric Feel”. To fans of Twin Shadow this should be a must.