Best from the inbox: Week 38 2014

Once a week we round up the best music submitted directly by the bands/artists to our mailbox.  Often without a record deal, these are the artists that justify this or any commercial-free blogs existence. Please give them a chance to break through the waves by listening, and if you like what you hear, show your support here or directly to the artists.  

American Cream – Distinguished Pets / Dark Swim

These two tracks are teeth gnashing, droney krautrock monsters from American Cream, a widely eclectic music project formed by 24+ musicians led by STNNNG’s Nate Nelson.

Bio Pitch:

“American Cream represents the very best of what can happen when the improvisational capabilities of a disparate-yet-capable pool of talented musicians are harnessed and directed by a figurehead with the vision and taste to see the possibilities that can be unleashed when those energies are focused and arranged with considered imagination.”

Black Whales – The Warm Parade

Here is some tuneful psych-pop from Seattle’s Black Whales. “The Warm Parade” is taken from the bands upcoming album Through The Prism, Gently and is out November 11.

Bio Pitch:

“Black Whales toe the line between dark, ambient soundscapes and compact, dance-worthy melodies.”

Twin Brother – Way To Be

Lighthearted, horn-heavy Americana from Millwaukee’s Twin Brother. Listen to their entire new album Swallow the Anchor on bandcamp


9.28 Milwaukee, WI @ Hotel Foster (Milwaukee Film Festival)

10.29 Madison, WI @ The Frequency

11.15 Milwaukee, WI @ Mad Planet (with Avi Buffalo)