Blog News: Brian Tabb writing for IFM


IFM, as many of our peers who devote their unpaid free time to help push artists and bands towards a bit larger audience, is built and written by people with a big heart. There is no money or (almost) any personal exposure involved. It’s done with passion and commitment for music as an art form and because, in the end, so many great bands/songs and albums gets tossed aside by major publications. As long as I’m dedicated to keep doing this, I’m always looking for improvement and new ways of reaching out to whatever small but loyal audience this blog has. Last week I introduced you to a few changes to the IFM format. This week, it’s a great pleasure to reveal that Brian Tabb from the excellent Hip-Hop-centric blog Dozens Of Donuts will be joining us as a guest writer/contributor. Foremost, Brian has a deep understanding for hip hop, something I believe this blog has lacked in the past. But just after a quick glance at his passionate and insightful writing, it becomes clear that his understanding for music exceeds far beyond that. So any small or large amount of writing Brian will contribute to IFM, is an exciting new step to improve further.


Albums Of 2014 (Current Top 40)

TOP 40

As promised, here is the top list showing IFM’s current top 40 albums of 2014. This page is ongoing and will be updated as soon as new notable albums are released. This page is easily accessible in the main menu (to the left).

                                                                                                                                                                                             VIEW LIST  ⇒



IFM Relaunch / Songs of the Summer

First of all let me apologies to all of you who’ve wasted your time checking in on this blog lately. It’s been nearly two months since the latest blog post; a time spent weighting whether to bury it in the ground or start fresh and doing it more effective and less time consuming, but hopefully more interesting and transparent. As once stated in the mission statement, I started this blog to provide a venue for pushing, supporting and reviewing artists, bands and labels that create gripping and relevant music. I figured, since I’ve spent most of my life listening to music and sharing my opinion with my annoyed family and friends anyway, why not write and share for people that actually care. Now, two years later, I still love blogging just as much –  if not more than when I first started out.  I just needed to see if there still was room for it, as the curveballs of life keep hitting me harder than normally.

But to be able to continue doing this in sustainable way there needed to be a few changes. The layout/design is perhaps the most obvious one. Over the years I’ve changed the interface more times than I would like to admit, which probably pissed off more than a few readers. And in retrospect it hasn’t been a good move in terms of traffic growth, but with this new look I went for simplicity and accessibility. So get used to it. It’s here to stay. Probably.

So with that in mind, let me introduce you to the changes and why they needed to happen.

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