Cannibal Ox – Iron Rose (Ft. MF DOOM)

It may have been 14 years since their debut album, the only one they’ve released, The Cold Vein, but Cannibal Ox have finally returned to take storm on the underground. On March 3rd the Hip-Hop community will get Blade Of The Ronin, and today they received their first taste in ‘Iron Rose,’ with help from the ever-elusive, yet slowly coming out of his shell, MF DOOM. Rather than returning after a decade delay with a washed out, rusty taste that’s hindered many groups’ returns (talking to you Pixies) the duo of Vast Aire and Vorgul Mega come in full throttle off an engaging beat that plays up on the two’s instinctual ability to rhyme their asses off. The gritty, underground New York sound hasn’t changed one bit, which benefits the group, for long-time fans can return to that era while new heads can relish in the ever-lasting sound of gritty street raps. It doesn’t hurt Cannibal Ox’s notoriety leading up to this album including MF DOOM into the fold of their single, turning in yet another stellar verse to add to his recent repertoire.

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