Shlohmo – Emerge From Smoke

The last we heard of L.A. producer Henry Laufer aka Shlohmo was the surprisingly uninspired No More EP, a collaboration with R&B singer Jeremih. Thankfully, and as the title suggests, Shlohmo emerges with newfound strength on his latest single “Emerge From Smoke”. The track shows Shlohmo in his darkest mood yet; firing laser-beams of squealing dystopian synth lines over hollow percussions and slowly unraveling, bottomless basslines. As shown many times before, he is a master of creating tension by slowly adding layers of elements, then subtracting them before everything comes crashing down like an alien ship wreckage. “Emerge From Smoke” makes me hope that Shlohmo got most of his R&B dreams out of his system, as he is at best when moving in intersecting, indistinguishable genres, and having more in common with Clark then The Weeknd.

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