Absolute Swedish

In this recurring segment we highlight noteworthy new music from Swedish bands/artists from a variety of genres.

Siri Karlsson – När Mörkret Faller

”När Mörkret Faller” (When Dark Falls) is the latest track from experimental folk duo Siri Karlsson (Maria Arnqvist & Cecilia Österholm). It’s a beautiful exercise in drone and psychedelic folk, before bursting out in a trembling and chaotic free-jazz crescendo. The duo has a new album ready in February next year titled Lost Colony, released via Flora & Fauna.

O U F – Your Life (Isolas BPM mix: Wasted Version)

Our Underground Firm follows first single “Crisis” with the hypnotic and enslaving “Your Life”, presented above in a significantly pitched-down version. The English/Swedish duo of producer Isolas and rapper Compulsive continues to impress with dark, menacing beats and fascinating ideas overlapping hip hop and electronic music.

Jape – The Heart’s Desire

Not technically Swedish since Jape is the moniker of Irish musician Richard Egan. However, Egan has been living and recording in Malmö for a couple of years, since ”the reflective nature of Sweden is great for writing and the summers are so beautiful it makes the slightly grey winters worthwhile.”, he explained. “The Heart’s Desire” is the project’s latest single; a charming, bouncy synth-pop flavored track taken from the band’s (now a trio) forthcoming album This Chemical Sea, expected for release in January 2015. Also check out Peaking Lights’ remix of “The Heart’s Desire” here.

The Hanged Man – The Island

The dark cinematic and slightly droning synth-pop track “The Island” is the latest single from former Those Dancing Days and Vulkano member Rebecka Rolfart’s new project The Hanged Man. It’s taken from debut mini-album First Quarter Moon, which is out now via Kning Disk / Telegram Records. Stream the whole thing here.

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