Shad & DJ T.Lo – Hang On

Coming hot off the heals of his 2013 release Flying Colours, Shad returns with ‘Hang On,’ a collaboration song with DJ T.LO. The track is the lead single off the duo’s forthcoming EP Boarding Pass. On it Shad, always known for his intense lyricisms and dynamic flows and verbiage, discusses the continued media indoctrination we experience in society today. In accordance with much of Shad’s music, the unassuming, often-times depressing messages, are masked under upbeat, light-hearted sounds and Shad’s vocal delivery. During the track the Canadian rapper spits about the shifting roles between comedians and rappers, the former leaning towards being a more exposing and truthful medium as the latter has relengated to foolishness. All this occurs over upbeat production, with a rapid piano diddy parading itself through. DJ T.LO also enforces a reoccuring vocal sample hooting and hollering in the background, as hi-hats and tumbling trumpets blares after every bar.

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