Angel Olsen – May As Well / All Right Now

Burn Your Fire For No Witness wasn’t so much a complete overhaul of Angel Olsen’s sound as an expansion of it. While most probably remember it for the rawer and riff-heavier songs like “Forgiven/Forgotten”, “Stars” and “Hi-Five”, there were a handful of fragile, sparsely arranged moments that – as I already mention in the review – made the record such a magnificent grower. These emotionally draining and complex slow-burners somehow felt denser and more rugged (and still no less intimate) than much of her earlier efforts.

Jagjaguwar is conveniently reissuing a deluxe version of Burn Your Fire For No Witness on November 18 – just in time for Christmas shoppings and the yearly wrap ups – and will contain five bonus tracks including “All Right Now” and “May As Well”, both of them now available for streaming above and below. Sound wise, the pair takes of where these above mentioned somber, slower-paced beauties like “Iota” and “Enemy” left us. And similarly, there is a sense of directness and candor to these arrangements that sound raw, bleeding and open-hearted – all at once. The cynic in me might not be the biggest fan of deluxe reissues – least of all the very same year – but as long as more people get a chance to discover (or re-discover) the beauty of this album, who am I to disagree.


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