Flying Lotus – Never Catch Me (ft. Kendrick Lamar)

Those anticipating the release of Flying Lotus’ You’re Dead, slated for release on October 7th, have been given the treat they’ve savored the most. That is, Kendrick Lamar, rapping over FlyLo’s stylistic brand of beat-making, rife with jazz-fusion and spacious IDM. Knowing not what the meshing of two current Hip-Hop greats would sound like, “Never Catch Me” is a pleasant surprise, capturing each artist in the midst of their obvious forte’s. Kendrick, per usual, spans his vocal range, swapping flows on a dime, all while maintaining the lyrical integrity his rapping insists upon. This is further instigated by Flying Lotus’ airy production, giving the rapper the space he needs to breathe effortlessly, devoid of any regulating beats that dictate the direction Lamar must take. Despite the good kid’s presence, FlyLo still dominates the track however, his techniques and sounds never being more apparent, especially on the latter third, as the track explodes into a cacophonous melody of constructed soundscapes.

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