Blog News: Brian Tabb writing for IFM


IFM, as many of our peers who devote their unpaid free time to help push artists and bands towards a bit larger audience, is built and written by people with a big heart. There is no money or (almost) any personal exposure involved. It’s done with passion and commitment for music as an art form and because, in the end, so many great bands/songs and albums gets tossed aside by major publications. As long as I’m dedicated to keep doing this, I’m always looking for improvement and new ways of reaching out to whatever small but loyal audience this blog has. Last week I introduced you to a few changes to the IFM format. This week, it’s a great pleasure to reveal that Brian Tabb from the excellent Hip-Hop-centric blog Dozens Of Donuts will be joining us as a guest writer/contributor. Foremost, Brian has a deep understanding for hip hop, something I believe this blog has lacked in the past. But just after a quick glance at his passionate and insightful writing, it becomes clear that his understanding for music exceeds far beyond that. So any small or large amount of writing Brian will contribute to IFM, is an exciting new step to improve further.

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