Alice Boman – Skisser / Remixed EP


The way Alice Boman’s beautiful Skisser embodies a timeless charm due to the stripped down lo-fi manner it was recorded, makes it stand big and tall amongst the majority of all the indie/folk/soul debuts of the year. The naked rawness of these recordings undeniable makes her one of the most fascinating new artist to come out of the Swedish indie scene, and Skisser definitely qualifies amongst my favorite EP’s of the year. Her performance at this year’s Hemma Hos Festival in Malmö further enhanced this sentiment. So if you haven’t already, I sincerely recommend you to buy Skisser, preferably on wax since one of her best songs “Over” is only available on the vinyl edition. If you’re finding yourself in the UK at the turn of November/December, there’s an opportunity to catch her live together with Sarah Blasko at the dates found below.

Skisser has now been remixed by a couple of talented Swedish producers/artist that does a great job of complimenting the spirit of the original. The stand-out remix comes from another Malmö-based favorite of mine, the sepia-filtered dream-pop of Summer Heart. David Alexander takes on “Skisser 2” – possibly the highlight of the original EP – and covers it with a warm glow of lush reverberated guitars and an overall breezy feel. Another wonderful remix comes from Stockholm’s Natten – who Alice Boman approached personally for a remix. The result became a horn and percussion heavy version of “Waiting” that gives the original a “dystopian dark jazz feel”. Skisser / Remixed is out now via Adrian Recordings. You can listen to all four remixes below:

Alice Boman Tour Dates with Sarah Blasko:

28 Nov – Warwick Arts Centre – Warwick
29 Nov – The Deaf Institute – Manchester
01 Dec – Assembly Hall – London
02 Dec – The Wardrobe – Leeds

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